Sam has been an ass, Cas has been an ass, now its Dean’s turn to be an ass.


A small word somewhat in defense of Jared



One of the most valuable life skills I ever learned was learning about the different personality types and their strengths and weaknesses. Once you have this knowledge it makes dealing with everyone around you so much easier.

The way I learned them, there are four personality types, designated choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and melancholy (I think this is called “the four temperaments”). Jared is SO sanguine. So because I know that, I understand what to expect about what he’s good at and what he’s bad at. Being sanguine means that the flaws Jared is prone to are forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, thoughtlessness, and obliviousness. He says whatever he’s thinking without stopping to realize how it sounds, he doesn’t notice when he’s made people uncomfortable, he doesn’t notice when what he thinks is funny isn’t funny to anyone else. Like, it’s not that those aren’t bad things, but they’re the bad things I expect from his personality type.

On the other side, he is warm, loving, extroverted, generous, friendly, with a big and open heart. He can talk to anybody, and when people are nervous he’s good at making them laugh and putting them to ease. For all his flaws, he’s not mean, he’s not malicious, he’s just thoughtless. Really, really thoughtless.

But part of the problem is that most of us on tumblr are either phlegmatic or melancholy, and their trademarks are introversion and sensitivity. They think before they speak and immediately notice when people are uncomfortable (usually because they’re uncomfortable too). They not only know what the wrong things are to say, they’ll remember those wrong things said for a long time.

So on the one hand a sanguine can bring an introvert out of their shell, make them happy and comfortable with their warmth, but on the other they can blunder around and make the introvert extremely unhappy because it comes off as being a huge jerk.

I’m not at all saying he isn’t stupid and offensive at times, I’m not excusing anything he’s said, I’m not telling you not to be angry about it, and I’m not saying he doesn’t need to do better, it’s just it can really help to understand WHY these things happen and why we clash, and to realize that the worst side of a sanguine is their disembodied words, because you hear them without experiencing in person the sanguine’s strengths. Jared’s weakness clashes badly with our sensitivity and I think that tends to make him seem like a worse person than he actually is. It’s just hard to teach a sanguine to simply not be oblivious.

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I’m also Sanguine (I just took the test), and it’s true. I’m loud, I say weird shit, and I talk a lot. If I hadn’t been educated by kind people on tumblr and in ‘real life’, then I would still be an ignorant loudmouth lol.